a selfie a day keeps the low esteem away

Selfies are cool.

In all honesty, they used to seriously annoy me. I used to think that girls (and guys) who posted them frequently were either a) narcissistic or b) attention seeking. But my feelings towards them as changed as of late.

In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a world that teaches us to constantly be seeking physical ‘perfection’. Our culture tells us that to be conventionally beautiful, you must be slender, possess perfect teeth and features, and preferably be blonde. Those who don’t meet that ultimate standard of beauty, are often made to feel lesser. (See above video. All of those young women are beautiful, and yet they all struggle with insecurity. UGH.)

That is absolutely heartbreaking.

Each one of us is unique. Each one of us is beautiful — and we should all recognize that!  Curly hair is just as beautiful as straight hair. All shades of skin are breathtaking. And eyes — whether brown, blue, green, or violet — are kind of spectacular. (Don’t even get me started on all the different body types; there’s so much variation, and it’s freaking fabulous.)

me. messy hair and all.
me. messy hair and all.

So take that selfie. Use whatever filter you want. Instagram, tweet, or tumble it if you like.  Self-love is sometimes frowned up on, but it’s really a good thing. I believe it’s something to be encouraged.

– Tress


snow: a love letter


Dear Snow, 

I really, really, love you. 

I know that a lot of people don’t care much for you.  And that saddens me; it really does.  They just don’t understand how special you are. 

You’re white, beautiful, and delightfully fluffy.  Don’t you ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 

I also really appreciate that you caused my 8 a.m. class to be canceled today.  Because of that, I am currently sipping hot chocolate in a near empty library, rather than listening to a lecture. That was really nice of you.  And I already know that you’re going to cause the dining hall to be almost vacant, and for work today to be slow — since everyone will be at home, watching Disney movies, and trying to keep warm. 

I am forever indebted to you. 



p.s. I kind of love cold weather (especially when it’s snowy) if you couldn’t already tell. I relate to Elsa from Disney’s Frozen at an almost spiritual level, in fact.  




a really awesome article + white gurl h8

a really awesome article + white gurl h8

I really, really love this. (*whispers* click on the title of this post.)

As I’m sure we’re all aware, there’s a lot of negativity directed to girls who are “basic”. Or just girls in general. What is the source of this negativity? Mostly other girls, of course.

Society would have us believe that all young women can be easily categorized and put away into neat little cubbies, like so many Fisher Price toys. Of these stereotypes, one of the most prevalent and ridiculed labels is that of the “white girl”. ( Aka females the habitually sport leggings and Ugg boots, and stop by Starbucks almost as frequently as they check Instagram on their white iPhones.)

Anywho, we as females are conditioned to think of the majority of our sex as being shallow and commonplace. We are taught that uniqueness and authenticity are rare traits amongst out species. We are encouraged to degrade girls who enjoy things that are considered to be too “mainstream”. (I’m not trying to be preachy… I am guilty of this as well.)

I think that’s all really sad.

I hope that one day we will all be able to look past our external qualities, and quit being so hard on ourselves and each other. (Down with the stereotypical cattiness and superficiality I say!)

– Tress

awkward introductory post


Um, hi there. I have a question for you.

How much does a polar bear weigh? Oh, you don’t know? Well you’re in luck, because I just so happen to have the answer.

A polar bear weighs enough to break the ice.

Hi, my name is Tress. It’s nice to meet you, anonymous reader. Welcome to my blog!

If you stumbled upon this via my old blogger site, then you may be a wee bit confused. I finally took the plunge and switched over to wordpress, and dropped the pseudonym that I was writing under. I’m loving the simplicity of word press, (also my own domain, whoo,) and I am not quite as concerned with anonymity as my sophomore in high school self was.

Basically, this is my fresh start. I was getting quite tired of looking at my old silly posts circa 2011, and I was beginning like I could write only about a select few topics, due to my following.

I am no longer quite as interested in silly stories and bad photography. (Though they may still make an occasional appearance.) I am more keen to write about things like books, politics, and slightly more personal topics. (Hey, I might even make a vlog or two!) After all, blogging is supposed to be something that a creator takes joy in — something that reflects the personality of the author. Not something that should be done to gain followers and subscribers. (Which was what I was doing before, at least to some degree.)

So this is it. The beginning. The first of many posts that will surely contain ranting, inarticulate expression of thought, and general awkwardness.

It’s going to be an adventure.

– Tress