it’s almost time bros

I (finally) got my financial aid package from my top college. I’ve sent in my enrollment deposit. I’ve accepted my scholarship. I went in and enrolled in classes a couple of weeks ago. 

I also (finally) decided on my field of study: I’ll be double majoring in biology and dance, and minoring in public relations. 

Please note that I did not caption this gif, and therefore did not have anything to do with the misspelling of “excited”.


I have also decided that I would like a baby wombat as a graduation gift. Forget congratulatory cards and twenty dollar bills — I want a muscular, quadrupedal marsupial.  BECAUSE LOOK AT THEIR FACES. 






According to Wikipedia, they hit a mature weight at anywhere from 32-80 lbs. So I feel that hiding one in a dorm room is totally doable. Perhaps. #bribetheroomatewithOreos

Another object of my lusts as of late is Allie Brosh’s new book, which is based on her blog Hyperbole and a Half. (Warning, her writing is liberally seasoned with her colorful vocabulary, so I don’t recommend her if you’re offended by that sort of thing.) It’s taking all of my will power to not order it off of Amazon. I’m not letting myself order it until I get through my spring to do list; otherwise her satire and colorful cartoons will suck me in, and my productivity will flop almost as much as Obamacare. (Because having just over half of your projected rate of enrollment is NOT good news, no matter how you spin it dear.)

And with that somewhat offensive statement, I shall leave you with a happy wombat. 


You can keep your crappy Affordable Care Act. I’ll stick with my eucalyptus leaves and sense of purpose.

– Tress