things i just really like

This song. I do not even care if it is cliche. I love it dearly. It fills me with feels. {Surprisingly, boyfriend likes it too! Even if he won’t admit it. ;)}



I’m not a huge makeup person, but I found Ipsy through a facebook friend, and decided to give it a whirl. It looks like a really fun service, and it’s cheap to boot! You can learn more about it here. The only downside appears to be their waiting list — which I am currently on. *sigh* 


My new car. I was previously driving a Toyota minivan that had about a quarter of a million miles on it, and a missing grill. (Said minivan’s transmission decided to bite the dust about three weeks ago — in the middle of an intersection.) I had been financially worried about finding a new vehicle, as I am starting college in a few months, and have a lot of extra expenses right now. But lo, this gem practically dropped into my lap — and the price was right, yay! (His name is Harold.) 


My last recital at my home studio is in a couple of months, which is all very sobering and sad. But this week we began getting fitted for costumes, which is all very fun. And since I’m dancing opening night as Belle, I got my tiara as well… Which was even more fun. (Also, I am actually not that pale in person. At least I hope not. Fluorescent lights are just not very forgiving.) 

I’m also loving the fact that there’s only two more weeks of school. And three more weeks until graduation. Also, barbecue wings.

That is all. 

– Tress