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I graduated today. It was bittersweet. (Though mostly sweet.) 

Although the ceremony took place more than eight hours ago, it’s just now hitting me that it’s truly over. My diploma has been signed, my tassel swung, and my cap has been thrown. I am officially an alumni, as well as a freshman in college. 

I’ve kind of shuffled my way through the past semester. Work, school, and even dance has felt so pointless up until this now. I think the last semester of senior year is like that for everyone though; it’s hard to care about high school things when you know you’re going to be at college in a few months. Everything felt sluggish and strangely underwater-like for me.

Until prom. As soon as that was over, finals and the election hit. Then graduation. Next comes the senior trip, (we’re leaving on Monday,) which will be followed by my last dance recital, and my open house. Then it’ll be time for the Junior Leader’s achievement trip to Chicago, after which will come 4-H fair and State Fair, and my last family vacation to AL. And then I’ll be moving into a dorm on August 17th. 

August seems so far away right now. But I know that the summer is going to fly by scarily fast. 

It’s all so strange. And new. And exciting. 

– Tress

p.s. My senior pictures were taken by this gal. check her out because she’s incredibly talented and a super awesome human. 


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