a terrifyingly picture-less post

I am moving out in approximately forty-two hours. 

My brain is currently incoherently scrambled.  Every time I sit down to write out my thoughts, they spill out awkwardly — much like the bags and suitcases I am attempting to stuff with my various possessions.  But suffice it to say that: 

– I am really going to miss my cat. 

– I am going to miss my bed, and the way the sun shines through my windows. 

– I will dearly miss my siblings, and their happy chatter. 

– I will miss getting up in the morning, making coffee, and going to work.  

– I am going to miss my coworkers, and the atmosphere of the office.  I am going to miss The Wall of Shame, silly conversations, interacting with customers, and the epic feeling that ensues clocking out at 5 o’clock. 

– I am going to miss the country.  The wildflowers, the cows, and the sunsets.  Even those dad-blasted crickets that never shut up.  (Seriouslty, it’s a problem.)

 – I am going to miss going on coffee dates and trying to last through Harry Potter marathons with great friends. 


– I am greatly looking forward to meeting my roommate, and decorating our dorm room together. 

– I am almost ecstatic (see also: slightly nervous) to begin pursuing dance at a more professional level.  I am excited to learn about everything from dancing to choreography, to costume design and lighting, to auditioning.  Yes, I am even looking forward to the physically exhausting, emotionally draining audition cycle. 

– I am excited for Biology, which is my second major. 

– I am looking forward to doing a bit of traveling.  The kind that actually requires a passport.

– I am terrified that I decided to combine a science major with a performing arts major.  I recently received a rough schedule, and yeah, it is rough.  (Lectures + labs + rehearsals = no time for lunch. Or sleep, really.)

– I am beyond excited to pursue what I love in an encouraging, faith centered environment. 

First semester, I am ready. 

– Tress


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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

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