2k15 Goals

2014 was filled with change.  The most dramatic change was moving out and starting school, closely followed by graduating, and ending a long term relationship.  Ah, young love.

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Workout Wednesday

Now, I would like think of myself as a pretty active person.  But the truth is I’m not– at least not during school breaks.  (Tress + an excessive amount of free time – daily technique classes – rehearsals – walking around campus = five hour Grey’s Anatomy Netflix binges. And cupcakes.  Actually, just snacks in general.)


I hadn’t really thought much about my deleterious behavior until I opened a Christmas gift from my parents: leotards.  Beautiful, low backed, leotards with cut outs. CUT OUTS.


Thankfully, my dear, wonderful brother gifted me a fitbit.  And I am in love with it, I tell you.


So, in the spirit of being able to breath in my new leos, I’m making some changes.  I’m swapping out (bad) carbs and sugars with vegetables and protein.  The gym will be visited at least three times a week.  Water will be drunk.

Farewell cupcakes.  It’s been real.  *Cries*