I Don’t Know How to Break

Unseen side effect of college: not knowing how to relax.  Eighteenish weeks of non stop lab reports, exams, and papers take it out of you, man. (And teaches you how to survive on coffee. #teamnosleep.)


One moment your drowning in your 20 page final lab report and tears, and then the next moment, finals are over.  You find yourself in a van, headed towards the Gulf of Mexico, armed with pillows and absolutely nothing to do.


Now don’t get me wrong, vacations are great.  They’re beautiful, in fact.  But it’s been weird adjusting to having free time, and not staying up till 3 a.m. working chemistry problems and practicing combinations.

being unproductive on a beach. so weird.
               being unproductive on a beach. so weird.

It’s so weird that I spent the first week making MCAT review books for zoology and general chemistry 1.  And I voluntarily read multiple anatomy and chemistry books– and enjoyed it.


But thankfully, I’m back home and going back to work tomorrow.  This upcoming week will be mainly spent readjusting to the drama and unproductivity (is that even a word?) that accompanies small offices.


Who knows, maybe I’ll even meet some friends for coffee or something.  I can do that now.  (Free time, yay!!!)

Break is weird, man.


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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

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