February is Awesome

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                           I dyed my hair black. Like my soul.

The first week of February has been an absolute whirlwind. Classes are starting to pick up, and I’m absolutely in love with my biology and chemistry classes. Science blows my mind guys.

science_adventuretimeWe had our first round of exams this week, and I think they went pretty well. I got a B on my chemistry exam, and it was pretty challenging. (I think the average was like 65 or 70?) So I’ll take it. In bio (botany) we’re focusing on cell division (typical) and genetics (awesome).

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Reading about photosynthesis and crap while making macaroni at 1 a.m. because that’s what you do in college.

The dance side of things ARE CRAZY right now. We’ve been rehearsing the guest artist piece nonstop, because we’re performing movements from it for an upcoming dance festival my university is hosting. Rehearsal’s for our spring concert have also begun, so it’s keeping me pretty busy. It’s also justifying all the donut runs I’ve been going on with my floormates.


This past week I also joined a service club here on campus. It’s a tutoring ministry, and we help kids of all ages with their homework. Most of them are from pretty poor areas/situations that put them at a disadvantage, and it’s awesome being able to mentor them. Right now I’m in charge of the pre-K and 1st graders — they’re all incredibly bright and filled with energy. Harnessing all that energy and directing it towards schoolwork is definitely proving to be a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun.

Anywho, I’m going to go drink coffee, listen to Florence and the Machine, and continue to ignore all my nonscience homework, (English is such a drag compared to genetics man.)


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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

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