spraaaang break

It’s the most wonderful time of the [school] yearrrrrrr…

For the past seven days I have been fully rested, and subsiding on non cafeteria food. (My school, unfortunately, is well known for mystery meat and slime mold spinach.) I have also watched a full season of Grey’s Anatomy, had a couple of GNOs, and spent quality fam time shopping and going on Subway runs. I even got a pedicure! (Awkward conversation: trying to explain to the nice spa lady why your feet look like they’ve been run through a meat grinder. 150% sure that the poor thing is traumatized. #dancerprobs)

Also, my family adopted a miniature australian shepherd! Bask in her cuteness.

In schooly news, semester grades came out on Monday. I have all As and Bs, but that’s actually disappointing since I’m trying to obtain a 4.0 semester. That being said, I know that I can bring several of them up to full As… And I’ll probably still make the Dean’s List. (If I can survive chemistry… I have no idea how I have a B+ in that class, considering that I have no idea what’s going on most of the time. I mean, I do, until I get to those frick frack snickety snacking tests.)

How I feel when I take a gen chem 2 exam.
                                      How I feel when I take a gen chem 2 exam.

So yeah, that’s how my spring break has been. I should probably start reviewing bio lectures, but I think I’ll go eat hummus and start season 9 of Grey’s instead.


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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

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