it’s (business) casual

Downtown Indy

Tomorrow, I am completing my first week as an intern at the world’s largest pharmaceutical company.

So far, it’s been pretty fab. I actually enjoy going to work, which is not a phenomena I have ever experienced before.

I have to swipe an access badge, so I feel like a legit secret agent or something pretty official.

I love love love working in the city.  It’s beautiful and the people are interesting.  Also, food.

I am once again navigating the confusing and terrifying territory that is women’s business casual clothing. (Should I wear a blazer? A pencil skirt? Are these heels too high? Will people be offended by my nose ring?)

Though I’m primarily working in data entry, I got a tour of one of the labs today. It was spectacular.

The company is huge and spread out through the city, so I have to take the bus to get to and from separate buildings. I have only gotten lost once so far.

Actually, twice. This morning I tried to find this little coffee shop in my building, and ended up in some weird creepy file library.

But I’ve only gotten on the wrong bus once.

So far. (It was exciting, let me tell you).

I’m finding that I MUCH prefer the 7-3 workday as opposed to the 9-5 workday.

Also, I’m morphing into a morning person.

It’s disgusting.

– Tress


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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

One thought on “it’s (business) casual”

  1. I felt the same with clothing! My everyday outfit always consists of a cardigan (I don’t even own a blazer :O) and flats! I’m pretty much doing data entry too! I’m the only intern here…so sometimes they forget about me. Haha!

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