“she is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain”



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Note: book descriptions begin from left to right, as pictured above. 

1. A World Without Bees

Lately, I have become weirdly interested in pollination– paticularly in forms of alternative pollination, colony collapse disorder, and all things bee.  (Side note: I recently watched the documentary All About Honey, and I highly recommend it).  I am crediting this sudden obsession to Being A Biology Major Who Is Subsequently Interested in Life.  However, this could be a late after effect of the botany class I took last semester.  Dr. J, you inspired me– I even bought an orchid.  (Side note two: I named said orchid Lilly.  I’m ironic like that).

2. Baby City

This is a novel!  A NOVEL!  I am terrible at reading novels.  For some reason, they no longer hold my attention like nonfiction does.  I suspect that this is because math killed my imagination in high school, proving once again that calculus is of Satan.  Anyway, I bought this book for myself as a birthday gift, and I loved it!  If you are an aspiring premedical student, read this book.  There’s even a excerpt on SDN.  Since being a maternal fetal medicine specialist/obstetrician*** is my dream career, I devoured this.  That being said, the romance predictable, and I found the main character to be rather unlikable.

3. How to Become an Straight A Student

Again, if you a premed undergrad, read. this. book.  It will change your life.

Brb, I have books to read.


*** That’s been my desired career before I had even heard of Gray’s Anatomy or the fictional Addison Shepherd.  Just saying.  Although I do aspire to practice medicine as attractively as her, sans the hilariously impractical 4 inch heels.

p.s. If any of you nerds were wondering, the quote in the title is by renowned word ninja Louisa May Alcott.


20 feels weird

crockpotcakeAs of yesterday, I am officially a non-teenager.  I am now a youngish old-timer.  An ex-juvenile, if you will (although that’s somewhat criminal sounding. I swear officer, I only went swimming in the university fountain that one time. It won’t happen again. Probably.)

I celebrated fabulously, by watching approximately 1 gajillion episodes of House and eating cake that I made in the crock pot.  This is apparently how you party hard when you are old and decrepit.  My roommate and I are also conspiring to buy matching power chairs to roll around campus in, as our quickly deteriorating joints can no longer handle walking 500 miles to class.  Professors do not apparently like it when you fall down at their classroom doors.  (10 points to Gryffindor if you caught that reference.  Yay 80s music).

Catch you later interwebs– I have medicaid forms that I need to go fill out.


not dead (but almost)

An interesting mishap occurred last week– one that involved the matriarch of my family, a spider, and two broken bones. Right in the middle of t-ball/dance recital season.  While two of the family vehicles were in the shop.  And while we were in the midst of a move.

Things like this do tend to happen at the worst of times, no?

Sooo, I have been learning how to juggle working +40 hours a week, taking multiple summer classes, and household chores.  In all honesty though, it’s actually been kind of fun.  I have developed a deep and fervent love for crockpots and I got to coach 3rd base t-ball last week (DEFINITELY never saw that one coming).

This entire experience, however, has given me mad respect for working single moms.  Like, HOW DO THEY DO IT?  Every single day?!  Utter madness, I say.  I’ve only done this for like 10 days, and I think I’m already dying a little. I’m pretty sure that they all have to be meth addicts or something.  I’m kidding, but seriously.

So yeah.  I’m basically a mini van driving, degree getting, full time working, grocery shopping, kid chauffeuring bad ass now.  Word.

sleepless in the cubicle (and everywhere else)

Circadian rhythms can be a real pain in the-you-know-where.

Trying to stay awake during meetings had me feelin’ some kinda way.  As in the omg I’m literally going to pass out cold on this table sort of way.

I’m not sure if anyone else occasionally struggles with alertness, but I was previously having major issues with my energy levels. (Particularly in the late morning through the afternoon).  I’d muddle through the 8-9 hour workday, only to fall asleep THE MOMENT I got home.  Which, as you may imagine, is not conducive to studying, running errands, or maintaining any type of social life.

coffee steam 2

After doing some research and confirming that our biological clocks are weird as heck, I stumbled upon this enlightening article.  My world was admittedly shaken, but after reading, I decided to switch from drinking my habitual cuppa joe at 5:30 am, to 10 am.  Making this adjustment has allowed my body to resume its natural production cortisol, and I cannot adequately describe how much this has helped.  I have also found that having a second cup at about 1:30 boots me out of the infamous ‘post lunch dip’.

Speaking of lunch, I’ve additionally stopped going to the gym after work– instead, I go for a half-hour during my lunch break.  I’m lucky enough to have a company gym just a floor below my cubicle, but even a short walk helps.  Having a light lunch and (strangely enough) showering as soon as I get home have also effectively prevented drowsiness.

Bring it on psychology homework.  I am ready and armed with caffeine and endorphins.