not dead (but almost)

An interesting mishap occurred last week– one that involved the matriarch of my family, a spider, and two broken bones. Right in the middle of t-ball/dance recital season.  While two of the family vehicles were in the shop.  And while we were in the midst of a move.

Things like this do tend to happen at the worst of times, no?

Sooo, I have been learning how to juggle working +40 hours a week, taking multiple summer classes, and household chores.  In all honesty though, it’s actually been kind of fun.  I have developed a deep and fervent love for crockpots and I got to coach 3rd base t-ball last week (DEFINITELY never saw that one coming).

This entire experience, however, has given me mad respect for working single moms.  Like, HOW DO THEY DO IT?  Every single day?!  Utter madness, I say.  I’ve only done this for like 10 days, and I think I’m already dying a little. I’m pretty sure that they all have to be meth addicts or something.  I’m kidding, but seriously.

So yeah.  I’m basically a mini van driving, degree getting, full time working, grocery shopping, kid chauffeuring bad ass now.  Word.


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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

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