“she is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain”



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Note: book descriptions begin from left to right, as pictured above. 

1. A World Without Bees

Lately, I have become weirdly interested in pollination– paticularly in forms of alternative pollination, colony collapse disorder, and all things bee.  (Side note: I recently watched the documentary All About Honey, and I highly recommend it).  I am crediting this sudden obsession to Being A Biology Major Who Is Subsequently Interested in Life.  However, this could be a late after effect of the botany class I took last semester.  Dr. J, you inspired me– I even bought an orchid.  (Side note two: I named said orchid Lilly.  I’m ironic like that).

2. Baby City

This is a novel!  A NOVEL!  I am terrible at reading novels.  For some reason, they no longer hold my attention like nonfiction does.  I suspect that this is because math killed my imagination in high school, proving once again that calculus is of Satan.  Anyway, I bought this book for myself as a birthday gift, and I loved it!  If you are an aspiring premedical student, read this book.  There’s even a excerpt on SDN.  Since being a maternal fetal medicine specialist/obstetrician*** is my dream career, I devoured this.  That being said, the romance predictable, and I found the main character to be rather unlikable.

3. How to Become an Straight A Student

Again, if you a premed undergrad, read. this. book.  It will change your life.

Brb, I have books to read.


*** That’s been my desired career before I had even heard of Gray’s Anatomy or the fictional Addison Shepherd.  Just saying.  Although I do aspire to practice medicine as attractively as her, sans the hilariously impractical 4 inch heels.

p.s. If any of you nerds were wondering, the quote in the title is by renowned word ninja Louisa May Alcott.


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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

2 thoughts on ““she is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain””

  1. I just finished Baby City last week, and I took only two days! Personally, I wanted the main character to end up with Eric so bad! No idea why, but I’m glad everything worked out! I thought I was the only one who bought the book based on the SDN excerpt lol.

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