balance (sophomore year goals)

En Pointe

Last year, I failed miserably at striking a healthy balance between school, work, and social things.  I was constantly obsessed with maintaining a certain GPA, and I often felt guilty when I chose to spend downtime with friends.  I did not have quiet time, and I did not find the time to simply be still.

This semester, I am making a few changes.  I’m taking fewer classes (16 credit hours as opposed to 19) and will only be participating in one extracurricular club.  I’m also auditioning for less dance pieces, and instead choosing to audition for only 3 or 4 this semester.

I am going to make an effort to go to the gym and eat healthier– that way when stress kicks in, my immune system won’t be completely wrecked.

I am going to find the time to go to small groups, invest in people, and to be still.

Sophomore year, I am ready for you.



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