art is cool

Goofing off during rehearsals.

The past month has been an absolute blur of tests, coffee, and rehearsals.  The dance department had our fall concert this past week, and it was incredibly enjoyable.


The fall concert is always completely student led.  The professors step aside, and let the dance majors take care of everything– from the choreography, to the sound, to the lighting and costuming.  I was fortunate enough to have a tap piece I choreographed selected for the show, which was exciting (and completely unexpected).  The whole experience really gave me an appreciation for choreographers…  Leading rehearsals and polishing a piece is hard work!

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Study sessions during in studio runs.

Luckily, several other girls in the department are also double majoring, and planning on entering healthcare careers.  We spent any downtime during rehearsals going over microbiology flashcards, and working out organic chemistry problems.  I was reminded yet again how blessed I am– how many people get to study fosse jazz AND histology?!  My heart is so full.

Box of Lucky Charms: aka the best gift I have ever received from a choreographer.
Box of Lucky Charms: aka the best gift I have ever received from a choreographer.

Our last show was yesterday, and now I honestly don’t know what to do with myself.  Our next performance isn’t until December, and so my rehearsal schedule is relatively light.  After all the excitement, it’s honestly a little difficult returning to ‘normal’ life.  It’ll be nice to have more time to study, but it’s pretty gosh darn bittersweet.


Science is cool.  But art is cool too.