making space


Life moves quickly.  Although that’s painfully obvious, it became even more apparent to me earlier this week.

I realized that deadlines will always exist.  Work and school will not be slowing down– at least not any time soon.  Dozens and dozens of tasks and people will always be clamoring for attention, and the to do list will always be forever long.

However, that is not a valid excuse to neglect relationships.  At the end of the day, it’s not going to matter what your GPA of profession is.  People will remember how you treated them, and how you made them feel.  And they’ll definitely remember you repeatedly blowing them off.

But all too often I forget this.  I devote hours and hours to practicing organic chemistry problems, and then feel guilty if I choose to watch a movie with my roommates, or volunteer.  It  shouldn’t be that way.

Being driven and work oriented is valuable.  But it is only valuable because it opens doors to serve others.  Serving others– that’s the entire point!

Having downtime is valuable too.  Constantly striving for As, volunteering, working, and keeping up with friends wears a person out eventually.  Sometimes you need to put down the textbook, and go to the gym.  Or read a book.  Or take a nap.  (Which is another thing that I forget!)

Balance.  That’s already such a hard thing to find, even as a silly undergrad.





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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “making space”

  1. I’ve been feeling the same way since coming back to school! I want to dedicate all of my time to bettering myself that I find it challenging to fit in time to balance my relationships. I feel ya!!!

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