thursday thankfulness

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Standard breakfast.

This week, I stumbled upon a hidden campus dining service gem: the peanut butter protein shake.  I am pretty gosh-darn thankful for those beauties– mornings are 75% less stressful when you can eat your breakfast while walking to class.

I am thankful for great roommates.  One of them started doing morning pre-sunrise devotionals, which has forced me (in a good way) to become more accountable with my quiet time.  The other one stays up late talking about science with me, and both are always down for spontaneous taco runs.  It’s a pretty great setup.

I am thankful for wonderful professors, who give extra credit lectures on the scientific accuracy of the Jurassic Park movies.  Biology is literally the best major.

DNA extraction in cell biology lab.

I’m thankful for cool labs.  I really do enjoy them, even though they can seem unending at times.

I am so thankful that I dropped my dance major.  I actually have time to sleep and eat now.  Plus, it made it possible to add a Women’s Studies minor, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  (I’m still taking dance classes on the side for fun though. 😉 )

I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday.  (It’s little sibs week too!)

I am also thankful for those peanut butter protein shakes.

They are straight up magic.




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