the hum

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As a biology major, I fall pretty solidly under most premedical student stereotypes.  (You know, type A, always chugging coffee, easily upset by A-, type).  I really do love my major though.  I love learning about the inner workings of the human body.  I enjoy discovering how molecules polymerize, and pouring over minute details of the cell.  I especially like all the opportunities we get to go out and serve the community.

I like working hard.  Being challenged drives me, and I find pleasure in working with both my mind and my hands.

That being said, I have come to the realization that I am, perhaps, a mini workaholic in training.  I will gladly spend hours in the library, or spend time with and serve complete stranger– but it can be difficult for me to prioritize personal relationships.  (Strange, I know!)

This semester, I decided to change my ways.  I have been blessed with many beautiful friendships, and I was letting them fall by the wayside.  (All in the name of organic chemistry!  How sad!)

Leading a more balanced life has been wonderful.  I feel more at peace, happier, and more fulfilled.

However, I did have a rough test this week.  And it was likely because I was up late the night before, sipping organic herbal tea and discussing Biblical translations until the wee hours of the morning.  (There it is!  The most pretentious sentence I have ever written!)

61kdor9ymul-_ux385_ BUT I think that it was worth it.  While the hum of hard work is temporarily satisfying, it is not ultimately fulfilling.  At the end of the day, we have to let ourselves be defined by greater things– our relationships, our actions, our faith.

Yes, I will continue to work hard.  But no, I will not let the the fear of being rejected from medical school consume my life.

Life is such a gift, and we should enjoy it wholeheartedly.


P.S. I am straight up loving this Ted Talk by Shonda Rhimes.  All you hard working nerds should go check it out.  She’s a boss lady.


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Biology major. Medical school hopeful. Lucky Charms enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “the hum”

    1. That is so encouraging! Loving on and healing people is why most of us pursue a career in healthcare, and it’s sad that so many lose sight of that while in school.

  1. Hi Tress! Sometimes I get wrapped up in my work as well and it makes it harder to enjoy the present. Like you said, there needs to be a balance. I will hopefully work on that. Thank you for your post and also for sharing that TED Talk. It was amazing!

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