40 days of vegetarianism


Well friends, it has finally happened.  I am venturing into vegetarianism; a meatless land, flowing with tofu and garbanzo beans.

I mean, sort of.  A good friend (and fellow plant lover ) of mine convinced me to give it up for Lent.  Yes, I know that Lent technically began back on Ash Wednesday– but better late than never, amirite?  (Also, I’m pretty sure that Jesus understands).

While this is completely terrifying, it will force me to 1) eat healthier and 2) finally learn how to cook.  My university doesn’t exactly offer many vegetarian options, so I’ll be forced to scavenge on my own.  Unless I want to exclusively eat salads until April.

I’m one week in so far, and it’s actually going pretty well.  I made a couple of meals in bulk over the weekend (vegetable soup and mock risotto) and I’ve just been eating the leftovers throughout the week.  Not very exciting, but it’s cheap and filling.

Also, I tried vegetarian chili for the first time last Friday, and it was straight up magical.

Maybe the bean lovers are onto something after all.



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5 thoughts on “40 days of vegetarianism”

  1. Nice, sometimes I find that cooking is easier without meat. Then again, I usually stick to boiling or sauteing stuff so I’m not the best person to give cooking advice, haha.

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