40 days of vegetarianism: the conclusion

photo (9)
My first post-Lent meal, a.k.a. the most beautiful burger I’ve ever had.

As I mentioned previously, I gave decided to give up meat for Lent this year. 

I’ve never been a hardcore bacon obsessed carnivore, but I do eat it fairly regularly– and with relish, you might say.  But learning more about the human body and nutrition this school year really opened my eyes to how, well, unhealthy meat is. Becoming a (temporary) vegetarian also made me more aware of sugar and salt contents in food, in addition to forcing me to learn how to cook something other than a grilled cheese sandwich.


Plus, the meat industry is pretty sketch.  For instance, did you know that U.S. beef cattle contribute more fossil fuels than all planes, cars, and trains combined?  Not to be crude, but that’s a lot of actual crap.

I also lost 5 lbs, so that was pretty great. (Although I was still lifting, running, and dancing my diet was the only thing that I changed significantly.)

So conclusion: vegetarianism is hard, and inconvenient at times.  That being said, I think I’m going to take the plunge and slowly transition away from eating meat.

What do you like on your burgers?




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6 thoughts on “40 days of vegetarianism: the conclusion”

  1. Kudos to doing vegetarian for 40 days I tried it for a few and couldn’t swing it. I don’t eat red meat though and my favorite burger would have to be a classic turkey burger with turkey bacon and American cheese

  2. Great article! I also went without meat for Lent! (pescetarian for the sake of nutrition) I never realized how much meat I ate till my options were limited. But it was quite the journey!

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