woahh it’s july / summer loves

Holy crap.  Where has the summer gone? School starts in 5 weeks?! I can’t believe it.  I refuse to accept it.

This summer has been my favorite so far.  I am such a fan of this period in life– young adulthood is pretty great, albeit slightly self-centered.  Maybe that’s not a bad thing though.  I feel like you really get to know yourself in your early twenties, in a way that can’t be replicated later in life.

As a 21 year old, I have discovered that I have an unmatched passion for thrift shopping, cheap wine, and human rights.  It’s taken me two decades, but I finally look, smell, AND talk like a hippie!  Yay!

But I digress.

Here are a few things that are making my summer even more fabulous:

Rad lady books

Photo cred: my ancient iPhone and lack of creativity

Confession: I am officially a women studies minor.  And a raging feminist (in the sense that I believe that men and women are equal, and that one sex is not superior to the other).  All three of these books are wonderful; I’m currently knee deep in the one on the far right, and I finished #GIRLBOSS in two days.

(p.s. you should add me on goodreads.)



Part of the reason why things have been so quiet around here this summer is because I restarted a small business that I began in high school.  And my first round of does kindled last week.  The kits are beginning to get their baby coats, and I literally can’t handle the cuteness.

The 1975 

The amount of angst in this photograph is earth shattering.

Because lead singer Matt Healy is better at eyeliner than I am– and I respect that.





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