cheap thrills

Recently, I have taken up thrifting because I am poor as crap  enjoy piecing together outfits, as well as saving money.  While I was on the fence at first, I’m seriously starting to enjoy it.  It’s like a treasure hunt, and I’m a fiercely accessorized pirate.


Behold, this month’s spoils:

Side note: rompers always look awkward and boxy when they’re not on a body.  It’s cute, I swear. 

**American Eagle jeans (light wash) =  Goodwill, $6

Forever 21 jeans (pink) = Goodwill, $4

American Eagle sweater = Goodwill, $4

Hollister flannel = Goodwill, $4

Cream sweater (not pictured) = Goodwill, $4

Old Navy button down = Goodwill, $3

Navy romper = Target, $10 (Clearance rack. IT COUNTS OKAY.)

Red shirt = Plato’s closet, $6

Leather boots = Goodwill, $5

Things Purchased: 2 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, 1 romper, and 1 pair of shoes

Total: $46

**Brand new, originally retailed at $49.95

Great.  I can now afford to buy 18 venti lattes from Starbucks with all of the money I saved.  Or 40 gallons of gas.  Or 90 tacos from Taco Bell.  Or textbooks for this upcoming semester.

Not too shabby.



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