us vs. them


*Note: I am not at all writing this to push my own political agenda– there’s enough of that on the internet already.  (Just check your Facebook feed!) 

Now that the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Conventions are over, I’d like to touch on a disturbing trend that I noticed throughout both conventions; the predominating us vs. them mentality.

Let’s take, for example, Trump’s wall. (Again, I don’t really want to comment on the merits of his policies… This is merely an example.) He has heavily used rhetoric throughout the entirety of his campaign that demonizes undocumented Hispanics as a people group. Trump has painted every single one of them as lazy, often cruel, and lawless.

He is pushing such descriptions to deepen the fears of those who are already frightened, therefore giving them a false foundation upon which to justify their prejudices.

Depicting Hispanics (and others) in such a way leads to a viscous cycle; one that is full of snap judgement and unfounded fear. A cycle that takes the humanity out of good and earnest people, and makes them out to be monsters.

In all fairness, the left is guilty of this as well.  In fact, most politicians from both parties spend more time finger pointing and blame shifting than they spend discussing solutions.  With such a divided political climate, it’s no wonder our government is so inefficient.

This kind of thinking drives a wedge between us.  Such a mentality fosters hatred, bigotry, and violence. We all just need to remember that, at the end of the day, we stand united– no matter our race, religion, or political views.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by hatred inspired stereotypes.  Don’t be fearful.

Do choose to assume the best about others– even if they look or believe differently than you.




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