quality over quantity

Female Black And White Clothes And Shoes

My junior year of college begins tomorrow.  It’s so surreal.

This school year, I’d like to get rid of all the extra.  I want to downsize everything– the amount of clubs I’m involved in, superfluous acquaintances, etc.  I want to spend my time zeroing in on the things that are actually important to me: my close friends, my classes, my leadership positions.

In semesters past I have been so focused on building an impressive resume that I’ve completely overloaded myself.  You can’t be involved in IM sports, three different clubs, and two campus ministries in addition to being a double major.  You can’t do all of that and expect to constantly be performing at your best.  It just can’t be done.

Instead, I’ll be doing what I love wholeheartedly.  I’ll devote my time and energy to causes that I’m interested in.  And I will get an A in physics.

Last weekend I donated most of my clothes, and created a capsule wardrobe.  It seems like such a small, silly start, but it’s already been so freeing.  I have more time in the mornings.  My room is less cluttered.  Best of all, I finally get to live solely in shades of white, black, and gray.

I’m learning that less is more; that simplicity is beautiful.

What are your goals for this school year?




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