self-care for busy students

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We’ve all opened our planner (or google calendar, or long to do list) and been completely overwhelmed by what we’ve seen.  For me, that’s usually followed by a downward spiral into panic and chaos, and I spend most of the day completely frazzled.

But I’m learning that this can be avoided altogether by finding quiet moments throughout the day.  I’ve also discovered that when I feel more ‘balanced’ I am more productive while I’m working and more present when I’m relaxing.  It’s pretty rad.

I didn’t used to take time to carve out little moments, because I didn’t think that I had time for them. However, going hard 100% of the time is not ultimately sustainable.  Eventually you crash and burn.  Scheduling in some down time is actually more efficient– and it makes life more enjoyable.

When I was little, a lady at my church told me that she “always felt better about life” when she had a pedicure.  At the time I thought that was strange and unusual, but now I get it.  She was indulging in some much needed self-care.

So set aside daily quiet time. Take that Friday afternoon power nap.  Go out (or stay in) on the weekends. Take a bubble bath, watch some Netflix while you get your workout in.

Treat yo self.  I swear it’ll make you more calm, successful, and well rounded.