sugar, oh honey honey [+ loves]


Fun fact: I am obsessed with documentaries– particularly ones that pertain to the medical field (or science in general).

Recently, I watched Fed Up, an enlightening piece on the global sugar industry.  It was seriously great, and I highly recommend it.  (Go watch it, it’s on Netflix!)  Prior to seeing Fed Up, I had always assumed that losing weight had more to do with calories in vs. calories out, but apparently it has more to do with your sugar intake and how your pancreas and liver react to it. #themoreyouknow Although now that I’m aware of this, I’m half-tempted to try one of those sugar detox things, just to see what happens.

Also, I’m currently obsessed with headbands like this. The obsession began in ballet class, earlier this semester.  Our university’s dress code only allows us to wear black leotards, which definitely gets old after a while. A good friend and I decided to ‘rebel’ by wearing bright headbands and patterned headscarves, and they really grew on me… They’re great for keeping hair out of your face, or *ahem* covering hair that you haven’t had time to wash.  (Blaming this on being a double major, also lazy.)

Also, sakroots!  I ordered my first one last week, and I love it.  They’re a little pricey, so I put off purchasing one for over a year. I’m so glad I finally bought one though– it’s the perfect size to hold a book, my phone, and a notebook, and whatever junk I happen to accumulate.  (Also, it’s spill/stain proof.  Which is great news for clumsy people like myself.)

Wow, sugar detoxes, head scarves, and sakroots.  I am actually turning into a straight up hippie.

I’m kind of okay with that though.

– Tress