things i’m loving: may edition


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Since I’ve been working at a makeup counter, I’ve begun to dip my toes into higher end makeup. I picked up this mini tarte box set last week, and I’m absolutely loving it. Everything is very wearable, but can be easily built up for a more dramatic look. Even though the eyeshadow palate is made up of browns and creams, each shade has rosy undertones– which is PERFECT for green eyes. The mascara is quickly becoming my favorite; it doesn’t flake or lose its oomph throughout the day. I also really like the color of the lip paint (FOMO) although it does bleed so lip liner is a must. (You can buy the kit here or at your local Ulta).

I’ve also discovered the wonders of Monistat– as a makeup primer! Monistat is made up of dimethicone, which is molecularly similar to silicone, making it the perfect substitute. Plus, it’s WAY cheaper than most makeup primers. A 1.5 oz bottle usually only runs about $6, and you need less of it since the formula is thicker than most silicone based primers. I highly, highly, highly recommend it.


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As some of you probably know, Hulu is now releasing and adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve been going through the novel and watching the series concurrently, and I’m obsessed.

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Speaking of obsessed, I recently watched Homecoming, Hasan Minhaj’s comedy special on Netflix. Smart, witty, and hilarious, Minhaj is not only an incredibly intelligent comedian but a gifted story teller. He also spoke at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and thoroughly roasted the collective media and administration.


This build your own sangria chart WILL change your life. 

You know what goes well with sangria? These chicken tacos.

Craving fries? These parmesan encrusted zucchini fries are a healthier option. (Caution: be sure to drain them well and only lightly brush with egg– otherwise they will be soggy!)

What are you loving lately?




thursday adventures

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Breathe in, breathe out. Take in the beauty. Recognize that there is more to life than lab reports, presentations, and field tests. Drink in the skyline and notice the world around you.


Tonight, instead of obsessing over a giant research report, I jumped in the car with a dear friend, and we headed to our nearest art museum. Science is great, but sometimes I get so caught up in experiment results and hypotheses that I forget why I wanted to study this big, beautiful world in the first place.

People are lovely, and they make lovely things. I need to remember that.


thankful thursday


I know that we’re still a week out from Thanksgiving, but I am feeling overwhelmingly content. This period of life moves so quickly, and things change rapidly, but it’s pretty rad. (Side note: I signed my first lease this week, and my brother got engaged. c.r.a.z.y.) I’m trying to savor every moment of it– after all, there comes a point where being broke and not having your life figured out is no longer charming (terrifying)!


I am so thankful that I get to attend a university where students are not only encouraged to create, but are provided opportunities to showcase their work.


I’m thankful to be living in a country where I’m free to pursue an education. Right now in history we’re reading books about women right’s in parts of Asia and the Middle East. The oppression they deal with is incredible, and I take my own freedom for granted way too often. In fact, there are actually more girls than boys in my physics and genetics classes right now– how cool is that?! #WomenInScience #Wow

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I am so, so, SO thankful for the people that I get to do life with. My family, friends, and my hamster make my life so bright. The world is filled with beautiful people, but I’m pretty sure that I get to be around the best of the best.

Snapchat from The 1975 concert we attended– it was honestly the highlight of my semester.

I’m thankful for music. For good books. For color and sunshine and fresh flowers.

I’m thankful for my job. For the crazy, completely overwhelmingly full days. For lazy, Saturday mornings. For sturdy mugs and stronger coffee.

I’m thankful for my wonderful church family. For my dog. For roommates that are down for baking and Netflix sessions after rough days.

I am thankful.


quality over quantity

Female Black And White Clothes And Shoes

My junior year of college begins tomorrow.  It’s so surreal.

This school year, I’d like to get rid of all the extra.  I want to downsize everything– the amount of clubs I’m involved in, superfluous acquaintances, etc.  I want to spend my time zeroing in on the things that are actually important to me: my close friends, my classes, my leadership positions.

In semesters past I have been so focused on building an impressive resume that I’ve completely overloaded myself.  You can’t be involved in IM sports, three different clubs, and two campus ministries in addition to being a double major.  You can’t do all of that and expect to constantly be performing at your best.  It just can’t be done.

Instead, I’ll be doing what I love wholeheartedly.  I’ll devote my time and energy to causes that I’m interested in.  And I will get an A in physics.

Last weekend I donated most of my clothes, and created a capsule wardrobe.  It seems like such a small, silly start, but it’s already been so freeing.  I have more time in the mornings.  My room is less cluttered.  Best of all, I finally get to live solely in shades of white, black, and gray.

I’m learning that less is more; that simplicity is beautiful.

What are your goals for this school year?



cheap thrills

Recently, I have taken up thrifting because I am poor as crap  enjoy piecing together outfits, as well as saving money.  While I was on the fence at first, I’m seriously starting to enjoy it.  It’s like a treasure hunt, and I’m a fiercely accessorized pirate.


Behold, this month’s spoils:

Side note: rompers always look awkward and boxy when they’re not on a body.  It’s cute, I swear. 

**American Eagle jeans (light wash) =  Goodwill, $6

Forever 21 jeans (pink) = Goodwill, $4

American Eagle sweater = Goodwill, $4

Hollister flannel = Goodwill, $4

Cream sweater (not pictured) = Goodwill, $4

Old Navy button down = Goodwill, $3

Navy romper = Target, $10 (Clearance rack. IT COUNTS OKAY.)

Red shirt = Plato’s closet, $6

Leather boots = Goodwill, $5

Things Purchased: 2 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, 1 romper, and 1 pair of shoes

Total: $46

**Brand new, originally retailed at $49.95

Great.  I can now afford to buy 18 venti lattes from Starbucks with all of the money I saved.  Or 40 gallons of gas.  Or 90 tacos from Taco Bell.  Or textbooks for this upcoming semester.

Not too shabby.


on being okay with yourself

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Though I’ve proclaimed the benefits of self-love and self-acceptance for many years now, I feel like I am just now becoming comfortable with my many flaws.  (Newsflash: I am a hypocrite!)  While it is easy for us to shower love on our friends, family, and even complete strangers, it is more difficult to cut ourselves some slack.

I think this is especially hard for women in westernized cultures.  With the recent acceptance of male-female social and cultural equality (a.k.a feminism) women are now expected to take on many roles.  After all, the modern ‘ideal woman’ is the love child of June Cleaver and Hillary Clinton; the perfect blend of wholesomeness and ambition.  She has the ability to keep a perfect household and raise well-behaved children– all the while climbing the corporate ladder, clad in her tasteful, DSW pumps.

Realistic, right?

Even so, it is hard not to be hard on yourself.  (Wow, so eloquent, so deep.)

Today, in all honesty, was not exactly my personal best.  I missed my 9 am, because I was up late studying, and slept through my alarm.  I had THE BIGGEST zit on my nose. I lost my phone.  I spilled coffee on my jeans, and had to go back to my room and change (thus effectively making me late for work).  I ate a cookie at lunch, and skipped going to work out with my gym buddy, because I was so tired.  And to top it all off, I got a rather expensive haircut and splurged on a new Bible and nose ring.*  It’s now 11:30 at night, and I have yet to do any homework, but you better believe that I have watched 2 straight hours of Jane the Virgin.

But you know what?  I am okay with today.  I am going to cut myself some slack, and go to bed.  Tomorrow is a new day– though I will still be the same flawed human.

And I am okay with that.


*Perhaps not the most conventional of purchases



frosting for your face

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of lipstick; in fact, now that my internship is over, wearing a daily bright lip is one of the things I’m most looking forward to.  (In addition to catching up on sleep, reading, and drinking copious amounts of coffee with fellow basic girls).

Anywho, I’ve been obsessed with bold colors forever, and I finally became courageous enough to wear them casually last school year.  Since then, some favorite shades have emerged—including Maybelline’s Carnation Cabernet (hot pink), CoverGirl’s Tempt (a red pink), Maybelline’s Bit of Berry (a dark plum pink), Rimmel’s Matte Kiss of Fire (Taylor Swift red), and my absolute favorite: Rimmel’s Matte 107 (a deep, vampy red).  I apparently do not tolerate noncommittal shades like nudes, pastels, or peaches.  Also, I may or may not have a problem.

such poor quality, so tumblr, so wow.

Lipstick is so cool.  I mean, you don’t really see much variation within eyeliner or foundation—and I’m not a huge fan of eyeshadow.  Lipstick makes women look confident, ambitious, and polished. It makes them look more distinct, and more unique.  It’s like wonderful, colorful frosting.

I’m pretty sure that lipstick is what turns uncollected 20 somethings into Professional Adult Ladies. Chapstick and lipgloss are so adolescent. (Also, there have been studies that show that lipstick enthusiasts tend to be more confident, and hold higher power jobs)!


p.s. I know that people say that guys don’t like it, or whatever.  That’s an absolute load of crap.  Do what you want; if a guy doesn’t have enough testosterone to deal with your lipstick, then he’s weak and you shouldn’t want him.