things i’m loving: may edition


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Since I’ve been working at a makeup counter, I’ve begun to dip my toes into higher end makeup. I picked up this mini tarte box set last week, and I’m absolutely loving it. Everything is very wearable, but can be easily built up for a more dramatic look. Even though the eyeshadow palate is made up of browns and creams, each shade has rosy undertones– which is PERFECT for green eyes. The mascara is quickly becoming my favorite; it doesn’t flake or lose its oomph throughout the day. I also really like the color of the lip paint (FOMO) although it does bleed so lip liner is a must. (You can buy the kit here or at your local Ulta).

I’ve also discovered the wonders of Monistat– as a makeup primer! Monistat is made up of dimethicone, which is molecularly similar to silicone, making it the perfect substitute. Plus, it’s WAY cheaper than most makeup primers. A 1.5 oz bottle usually only runs about $6, and you need less of it since the formula is thicker than most silicone based primers. I highly, highly, highly recommend it.


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As some of you probably know, Hulu is now releasing and adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve been going through the novel and watching the series concurrently, and I’m obsessed.

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Speaking of obsessed, I recently watched Homecoming, Hasan Minhaj’s comedy special on Netflix. Smart, witty, and hilarious, Minhaj is not only an incredibly intelligent comedian but a gifted story teller. He also spoke at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and thoroughly roasted the collective media and administration.


This build your own sangria chart WILL change your life. 

You know what goes well with sangria? These chicken tacos.

Craving fries? These parmesan encrusted zucchini fries are a healthier option. (Caution: be sure to drain them well and only lightly brush with egg– otherwise they will be soggy!)

What are you loving lately?




self-care for busy students

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We’ve all opened our planner (or google calendar, or long to do list) and been completely overwhelmed by what we’ve seen.  For me, that’s usually followed by a downward spiral into panic and chaos, and I spend most of the day completely frazzled.

But I’m learning that this can be avoided altogether by finding quiet moments throughout the day.  I’ve also discovered that when I feel more ‘balanced’ I am more productive while I’m working and more present when I’m relaxing.  It’s pretty rad.

I didn’t used to take time to carve out little moments, because I didn’t think that I had time for them. However, going hard 100% of the time is not ultimately sustainable.  Eventually you crash and burn.  Scheduling in some down time is actually more efficient– and it makes life more enjoyable.

When I was little, a lady at my church told me that she “always felt better about life” when she had a pedicure.  At the time I thought that was strange and unusual, but now I get it.  She was indulging in some much needed self-care.

So set aside daily quiet time. Take that Friday afternoon power nap.  Go out (or stay in) on the weekends. Take a bubble bath, watch some Netflix while you get your workout in.

Treat yo self.  I swear it’ll make you more calm, successful, and well rounded.


thursday thankfulness

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Standard breakfast.

This week, I stumbled upon a hidden campus dining service gem: the peanut butter protein shake.  I am pretty gosh-darn thankful for those beauties– mornings are 75% less stressful when you can eat your breakfast while walking to class.

I am thankful for great roommates.  One of them started doing morning pre-sunrise devotionals, which has forced me (in a good way) to become more accountable with my quiet time.  The other one stays up late talking about science with me, and both are always down for spontaneous taco runs.  It’s a pretty great setup.

I am thankful for wonderful professors, who give extra credit lectures on the scientific accuracy of the Jurassic Park movies.  Biology is literally the best major.

DNA extraction in cell biology lab.

I’m thankful for cool labs.  I really do enjoy them, even though they can seem unending at times.

I am so thankful that I dropped my dance major.  I actually have time to sleep and eat now.  Plus, it made it possible to add a Women’s Studies minor, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  (I’m still taking dance classes on the side for fun though. 😉 )

I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday.  (It’s little sibs week too!)

I am also thankful for those peanut butter protein shakes.

They are straight up magic.



july goals

It’s July already.  How did that happen? I feel like I was just taking my finals last week.  Holy crap.

Whenever I thought about summer break during the school year, it sounded like an unbelievably vast amount of free time.  “I’m going to be so productive, I thought to myself, I’m going to hike the Appalachian trail, become fluent in Spanish, and do my laundry”.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Therefore, I’m going to publicly shame myself into being productive, by posting the list below.  Humiliation!  Yay!

1) Get in shape for Pete’s sake

I have been hugely lazy this summer.  Sort of.  I sometimes manage to get myself to the gym once or twice a week, but I really need to get my butt in gear.  Going back to taking technique classes and having daily rehearsals will not go well if I don’t build my endurance back up.  (Side note: who the heck is Pete?)

2) Read more

I mean, I have been reading.  But 98.7% has been nonfiction…  I need to expose my brain to some novels, before I become a swirling black hole of facts, completely devoid of Soul and Personality.

3) Do a lil traveling

Recently, my brother and I bought backpacking equipment.  We’ve been meaning to go on a couple of weekend trips, but the moment we have time– BOOM, rain.  As in apocalyptic, globby, Noah-and-the-Ark rain. (Yuck).   My bestfriend and I have also thrown around the idea of going on vacation together, but we have yet to solidify any actual plans.

4) Explore downtown

I only have one month left of this internship, and I haven’t gone downtown since May.  Which is really sad, considering how many unique restaurants and shops are located near the company.  Luckily, I have a coworker who feels similarly– we’re both going to vow to go out once a week, until our last day.

5) Become proficient at eyeshadow

Because there is a fine line between looking dead, and looking like a clown– and that is one line that I have (unintentionally) crossed many times.

Finger crossed for a productive month!


sleepless in the cubicle (and everywhere else)

Circadian rhythms can be a real pain in the-you-know-where.

Trying to stay awake during meetings had me feelin’ some kinda way.  As in the omg I’m literally going to pass out cold on this table sort of way.

I’m not sure if anyone else occasionally struggles with alertness, but I was previously having major issues with my energy levels. (Particularly in the late morning through the afternoon).  I’d muddle through the 8-9 hour workday, only to fall asleep THE MOMENT I got home.  Which, as you may imagine, is not conducive to studying, running errands, or maintaining any type of social life.

coffee steam 2

After doing some research and confirming that our biological clocks are weird as heck, I stumbled upon this enlightening article.  My world was admittedly shaken, but after reading, I decided to switch from drinking my habitual cuppa joe at 5:30 am, to 10 am.  Making this adjustment has allowed my body to resume its natural production cortisol, and I cannot adequately describe how much this has helped.  I have also found that having a second cup at about 1:30 boots me out of the infamous ‘post lunch dip’.

Speaking of lunch, I’ve additionally stopped going to the gym after work– instead, I go for a half-hour during my lunch break.  I’m lucky enough to have a company gym just a floor below my cubicle, but even a short walk helps.  Having a light lunch and (strangely enough) showering as soon as I get home have also effectively prevented drowsiness.

Bring it on psychology homework.  I am ready and armed with caffeine and endorphins.


workout wednesday

Shhh, I know that it’s Thursday.  But Workout Wednesday sounds better than Workout Thursday, ya feel?

Up until this week, I was seriously not doing anything. My days were pleasantly filled with Netflix binge watching, Starbucks runs with girlfriends, and mass cookie baking with my family.  I guess I could have cut back on cookie consumption, but I refuse to on the principle that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. (And apparently squishier, at least when it comes the sugar front).

Anywho, I recently started working at a company that takes pride in their insulin production.  Which is quite ironic, as my daily sugar intake would send the average diabetic into hyperglycemic shock.  Oh the sweet (literally sweet) irony.

Luckily for me, said company has a gym—and a yoga slash dance studio– in my building.  Even better, summer interns get free memberships.

Free membership?  Yes, please.  Free is my love language.  Free is fabulous.


Since I’ve been working out/practicing in the studios every day, I’ve also started eating better.  I mean, why let all that hard work go to waste?

Shameless food snap. #imbasic

New discovery: I actually like fruit in salads.  Before this week, I was skeptical.  But now I have seen the light.

Second discovery: this 3-minute microwavable mini muffin recipe.  You can substitute the brown sugar with vanilla and tears.  You’re welcome.

– Tress

food for thought

While I was previously daunted by the sheer length of this summer (16 weeks seems endless) it’s proving to be quite pleasant thus far.  I’ve had the time to start running again, and I rediscovered vegetables– actually just non-cafeteria food in general.  After learning more about nutrition at university, I’m interested in trying to find ways to cut down on sugar and processed foods.  It’s been easy so far, but I’m sure it will prove to be more difficult once fall rolls around.  The food choices at my school could be likened to the typical Coachella attendee– rich, white, and lacking in variety.

Additionally, isn’t reading great?  I’d forgotten how awesome it was.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I read a book that either a) wasn’t a biography or b) wasn’t a textbook.  Right now I’m finishing up The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis, and I cannot recommend it enough.  It’s an in-depth examination of human love, both thought provoking and enlightening.  Unfortunately, it’s short– I only have about 6 pages to finish, and I’m dreading the book’s conclusion.

I suppose it’s a good thing that my internship starts soon– otherwise I’d quickly turn into a fat scholar.

Although I’m pretty sure that I’d be okay with that.

– Tress