taking time to breathe

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Things have been a little quiet around here as of late. This semester, while perhaps less academically challenging, has brought with it MCAT studying, internship searching, and, to top it all off, a new relationship. Life is currently very full, beautiful, and busy.


Shaaaaaamless snapchat.

Last week was spring break for our university, and I spent it with some truly wonderful people. It was likely my last spring break, and the trip emphasized just how rapidly graduation is approaching. Although I’m  only a junior, spring’s arrival is bringing with it the weddings and graduations of several of my close friends. Though I really am looking forward to the future (work, medical school, whatever that may be) the weight of adulthood is drawing ominously near.

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It’s still so weird to me that we’re all in our twenties. It’s disgustingly cliche, but I could have sworn that I finished high school just yesterday. I’m so guilty of rushing breathlessly through the weeks, focusing solely on the next assignment, job, or opportunity. Sometimes I lose sight of the precious now, and instead become wrapped up in the ever approaching tomorrow.

I want to become more intentional. I want to savor the stage I’m at, in all of its messy, sleepless, glory. I want to spend less time worrying about physics and more time laughing until I cry with friends who are more like family.

I’m such a work in progress.

– Tress



a semester in review

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Feelin’ hashtag blessed by a supportive fam.

i. Our fall concert was pretty bittersweet, because I’m taking next semester off from dancing in order to prepare for the MCAT. Choreographing at a collegiate level one last time was wonderful. Getting to share something you’ve created with an audience is completely breathtaking, and it’s an experience that I’ll never forget.


ii. I moved into an apartment this summer, along with three incredible friends. Not to brag or anything, but we successfully kept (almost) all of our houseplants alive, and only set off the complex’s fire alarm once. All four of us will be parting ways after senior year, in pursuit of either grad school or marriage– it’s made this year an incredibly precious. They each enrich my life, and are such a source of joy and encouragement.


iii. This semester I FINALLY got to see The 1975 live. I am not ashamed to say that it was one of the highlights of my semester… I plan on seeing them every chance that I get.
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iv. Finally, BOUND raised over $1,000 for human trafficking survivors through our Dressember fundraiser. I never would have imagined that it would have been so successful– it was a total Jesus thing. (Also, you can still donate! Check us out here: https://support.dressemberfoundation.org/team/98832 )

What were some of your highlights?


dandelion wine


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Weekdays may be for school and work, but summer weekends are incredibly sweet.  Today has been especially bright, filled with sleepy eyed brunch and resting in the sunshine. My heart is so full;  I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for old friends, pool days, and good books.

“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”
― Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib


of break

One of the major perks of attending a private Christian college is that you get an Easter break, in addition to a regular spring break.  It’s pretty fab.

A sculpture near the ATL beltway… It’s entirely made of trash!

Over spring break, I had the opportunity to stay with Church on the Street, a ministry down in Georgia.  They serve mainly homeless and trafficked folk down in inner city Atlanta, and it was an eye opening experience.  The head pastor emphasized the underlying causes of poverty, and how the decisions we make (like where we choose to live, work, send our kids to school) will either contribute to or alleviate the problem.  (Google gentrification… It’s a major thing!)

A bike shop in South Atlanta that serves as a major youth outreach. 

But I digress.  That’s an entirely different post altogether.

When one of CotS leaders found out that we were in ATL with B.O.U.N.D., our campus’ anti trafficking group, she made us ‘freedom bracelets’. (They’re inscribed with Isaiah 61 and Micah 6:8). 

It was a good trip.  Getting off campus– and outside of yourself– definitely puts life into perspective.

Capture the flag with some neighborhood kids in South ATL.

I loved it there.  B.O.U.N.D is already planning on returning to Atlanta next February for the Passion Conference, and spending time with the community again next spring break.

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One of our last days in ATL. 

 Who knows? Maybe I’ll live there one day. (Emory Medical School IS right downtown…)

Game night! So photogenic, so wow.

Easter break has been far less exciting, although much more restful.  It does a soul good to spend some downtime with the fam jam.

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Easter Sunday… We’re only smiling because He is Risen. Also, a guy behind the photographer fell over. (True story!)

Working hard and investing in others is time well spent. But sometimes you just need to nap, read a book, and head bang to Taylor Swift with your sisters.




20 feels weird

crockpotcakeAs of yesterday, I am officially a non-teenager.  I am now a youngish old-timer.  An ex-juvenile, if you will (although that’s somewhat criminal sounding. I swear officer, I only went swimming in the university fountain that one time. It won’t happen again. Probably.)

I celebrated fabulously, by watching approximately 1 gajillion episodes of House and eating cake that I made in the crock pot.  This is apparently how you party hard when you are old and decrepit.  My roommate and I are also conspiring to buy matching power chairs to roll around campus in, as our quickly deteriorating joints can no longer handle walking 500 miles to class.  Professors do not apparently like it when you fall down at their classroom doors.  (10 points to Gryffindor if you caught that reference.  Yay 80s music).

Catch you later interwebs– I have medicaid forms that I need to go fill out.


and that’s a wrap!

As unbelievable as it sounds, I have completed my freshman year of college. (At least it sounds pretty unbelievable to me– this year really flew by.)

the lovely biological and physical sciences building, aka where I primarily live.
                           the lovely biological and physical sciences building, aka where I primarily live.

At first I was really depressed that the semester was over.  The majority of my close friends live out of state, so that kind of sucks.  We (especially the biology majors) became more like family than friends over the past semester.  Serious goodbye tears were shed, folks.

The ever lovely freshman dance majors. (Side note: they are some of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met.)

My super fab roomate and I — I SO lucked out. We’re rooming together again next year, and I cannot wait to see her again.

All that being said, being home for a few days has shown me how much I actually needed a break.  After the chaos of finals and our spring concerts, I was more exhausted than I realized… And being able to sleep/binge watch Netflix/ have quiet time has been incredibly refreshing.

typical scenery I get to see on my runs-- look at how vast and beautiful that sky is!
                        typical scenery I get to see on my runs– look at how vast and beautiful that sky is!

I’m also trying to savor the next week or two; my family is moving from the countryside to more of a suburban area, so that’ll be a major change.  I also am starting an internship with a major pharmaceutical company on the 20th, which is a little nerve-wracking.  (Mostly because of the commute… It’s in a major city, so I’m worried that I’ll get lost or something.)

My bestfriend and I.

But for the next few days I am just going to enjoy being home, and all that entails– tee ball games, sleeping in, and the like.

– Tress