and that’s a wrap!

As unbelievable as it sounds, I have completed my freshman year of college. (At least it sounds pretty unbelievable to me– this year really flew by.)

the lovely biological and physical sciences building, aka where I primarily live.
                           the lovely biological and physical sciences building, aka where I primarily live.

At first I was really depressed that the semester was over.  The majority of my close friends live out of state, so that kind of sucks.  We (especially the biology majors) became more like family than friends over the past semester.  Serious goodbye tears were shed, folks.

The ever lovely freshman dance majors. (Side note: they are some of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met.)

My super fab roomate and I — I SO lucked out. We’re rooming together again next year, and I cannot wait to see her again.

All that being said, being home for a few days has shown me how much I actually needed a break.  After the chaos of finals and our spring concerts, I was more exhausted than I realized… And being able to sleep/binge watch Netflix/ have quiet time has been incredibly refreshing.

typical scenery I get to see on my runs-- look at how vast and beautiful that sky is!
                        typical scenery I get to see on my runs– look at how vast and beautiful that sky is!

I’m also trying to savor the next week or two; my family is moving from the countryside to more of a suburban area, so that’ll be a major change.  I also am starting an internship with a major pharmaceutical company on the 20th, which is a little nerve-wracking.  (Mostly because of the commute… It’s in a major city, so I’m worried that I’ll get lost or something.)

My bestfriend and I.

But for the next few days I am just going to enjoy being home, and all that entails– tee ball games, sleeping in, and the like.

– Tress


time management

I actually basically suck at it.

I thought that I had finally gotten into the swing of things this semester, but in actuality I’ve just figured out how to study efficiently. (*cough* whiteboards *cough*.) Things were going great until this past weekend, when the dance festival happened. It was so, so, fun– but not being able to spend the weekend studying really threw off my groove.

                                            why dance festival, why.

And of course I had two very large exams at the beginning of this week– one in chemistry, and one in biology.  Even though I’d kept up with homework and reading, I stayed up studying all of Sunday night, and most of Monday night.

          coffee and all nighters got me like

I’m probably going to get my scores back tomorrow, which is terrifying.  I definitely don’t think that I failed either of them, (I actually felt pretty good about the bio test) but I also don’t think that I did as well as I normally do. Thank God that none of them were lab tests though… I would have been screwed.

Anyways, I definitely need to work on my time management skills. Take now for example: I’m basically caught up on all my reading and homework, but my dorm is a mess. I don’t have any milk or coffee, the only food I have is peanut butter and cereal (and no milk) I have an overdue book from the library, and I still have to take my banking information to HR for my new job. I also need to pick up my comp tickets for the opera, pick up my rehearsal schedule for the weekend, and sign up for advising/figure out what classes I need to take. I also haven’t gone to the gym all week, and I’ve primarily subsisted off of yogurt and chicken salad from the cafeteria.

I need a polished, well put together adult to come and coach me on how to get my life together. Like Angelina Jolie with her adopted children, amazing career, and fabulously manicured nails. HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL.

                                                teach me your voodoo ways

p.s. Look at this kinda cool-lookin’ picture! (It’s from the piece the freshman class at my university performed at the dance festival.)


so many studies

I can’t believe it’s actually Saturday– this week was INSANE.

School is finally in full swing.  In bio we’ve gotten past the typical let’s-discuss-mitosis-meosis-and-the-scientific-method discussion, and are finally getting into fresh material.   And we’ve started prepping for lab tests (eep).  I’m learning a lot, but it’s a difficult (yet extremely interesting) class.

The dance side of things is going great.  Our first annual dance festival is this upcoming weekend, and I’m SO STOKED.  All technique classes and rehearsals are canceled on Friday, so we can take master classes. FROM FAMOUS DANCER PEOPLE.


In other news, I ate a salad and worked out three times this week.  I also bought myself laundry detergent.  I feel so adult and so boring. (See proof below.)


In other (non) news, I got three parking tickets this week. THREE. (Apparently freshman are no longer allowed to park in my usual lot.) I tried to get them appealed, but was denied.  I, however, refuse to pay them.  The university can take my money, crush my spirit, and dash my dreams– but it will never take away my favorite parking spot.  (Maybe my fines will disappear if I ignore them long enough… #LOGIC.)


Nick Fury accurately depicting my inner rage towards the power hungry university police.
Nick Fury accurately depicting my inner rage towards the power hungry university police.

Salads, fines, and lab exams.  This whole college thing is not as fergalicious as I had expected.

February is Awesome

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
                           I dyed my hair black. Like my soul.

The first week of February has been an absolute whirlwind. Classes are starting to pick up, and I’m absolutely in love with my biology and chemistry classes. Science blows my mind guys.

science_adventuretimeWe had our first round of exams this week, and I think they went pretty well. I got a B on my chemistry exam, and it was pretty challenging. (I think the average was like 65 or 70?) So I’ll take it. In bio (botany) we’re focusing on cell division (typical) and genetics (awesome).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Reading about photosynthesis and crap while making macaroni at 1 a.m. because that’s what you do in college.

The dance side of things ARE CRAZY right now. We’ve been rehearsing the guest artist piece nonstop, because we’re performing movements from it for an upcoming dance festival my university is hosting. Rehearsal’s for our spring concert have also begun, so it’s keeping me pretty busy. It’s also justifying all the donut runs I’ve been going on with my floormates.


This past week I also joined a service club here on campus. It’s a tutoring ministry, and we help kids of all ages with their homework. Most of them are from pretty poor areas/situations that put them at a disadvantage, and it’s awesome being able to mentor them. Right now I’m in charge of the pre-K and 1st graders — they’re all incredibly bright and filled with energy. Harnessing all that energy and directing it towards schoolwork is definitely proving to be a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun.

Anywho, I’m going to go drink coffee, listen to Florence and the Machine, and continue to ignore all my nonscience homework, (English is such a drag compared to genetics man.)