july goals

It’s July already.  How did that happen? I feel like I was just taking my finals last week.  Holy crap.

Whenever I thought about summer break during the school year, it sounded like an unbelievably vast amount of free time.  “I’m going to be so productive, I thought to myself, I’m going to hike the Appalachian trail, become fluent in Spanish, and do my laundry”.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Therefore, I’m going to publicly shame myself into being productive, by posting the list below.  Humiliation!  Yay!

1) Get in shape for Pete’s sake

I have been hugely lazy this summer.  Sort of.  I sometimes manage to get myself to the gym once or twice a week, but I really need to get my butt in gear.  Going back to taking technique classes and having daily rehearsals will not go well if I don’t build my endurance back up.  (Side note: who the heck is Pete?)

2) Read more

I mean, I have been reading.  But 98.7% has been nonfiction…  I need to expose my brain to some novels, before I become a swirling black hole of facts, completely devoid of Soul and Personality.

3) Do a lil traveling

Recently, my brother and I bought backpacking equipment.  We’ve been meaning to go on a couple of weekend trips, but the moment we have time– BOOM, rain.  As in apocalyptic, globby, Noah-and-the-Ark rain. (Yuck).   My bestfriend and I have also thrown around the idea of going on vacation together, but we have yet to solidify any actual plans.

4) Explore downtown

I only have one month left of this internship, and I haven’t gone downtown since May.  Which is really sad, considering how many unique restaurants and shops are located near the company.  Luckily, I have a coworker who feels similarly– we’re both going to vow to go out once a week, until our last day.

5) Become proficient at eyeshadow

Because there is a fine line between looking dead, and looking like a clown– and that is one line that I have (unintentionally) crossed many times.

Finger crossed for a productive month!