taking time to breathe

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Things have been a little quiet around here as of late. This semester, while perhaps less academically challenging, has brought with it MCAT studying, internship searching, and, to top it all off, a new relationship. Life is currently very full, beautiful, and busy.


Shaaaaaamless snapchat.

Last week was spring break for our university, and I spent it with some truly wonderful people. It was likely my last spring break, and the trip emphasized just how rapidly graduation is approaching. Although I’m  only a junior, spring’s arrival is bringing with it the weddings and graduations of several of my close friends. Though I really am looking forward to the future (work, medical school, whatever that may be) the weight of adulthood is drawing ominously near.

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It’s still so weird to me that we’re all in our twenties. It’s disgustingly cliche, but I could have sworn that I finished high school just yesterday. I’m so guilty of rushing breathlessly through the weeks, focusing solely on the next assignment, job, or opportunity. Sometimes I lose sight of the precious now, and instead become wrapped up in the ever approaching tomorrow.

I want to become more intentional. I want to savor the stage I’m at, in all of its messy, sleepless, glory. I want to spend less time worrying about physics and more time laughing until I cry with friends who are more like family.

I’m such a work in progress.

– Tress



3 keys to a fab road trip


Keys?  Road trips?  Get it?

I’ll stop now.

In all seriousness, there are 3 simple things that you can do to achieve optimal road trip success.  Let’s get into them.

1.  Create a detailed budget.

I can’t stress this one enough.  Having an extensive budget was a lifesaver, especially as a broke college student.  Setting limits for yourself really helps curb frivolous spending, and it’s comforting to have an estimate of how much gas will cost, etc.

Do your research.  I am a HUGE fan of TripAdvisor.  It’s layout is simple, and it makes it easy to find cheap hotels and fun things to do. You can also pack most of your food, to help cut down on eating out.  (It adds up quickly, especially if you’re paying $10+ for each meal.)

Plus, there’s something nostalgic about eating PB&Js and drinking cheap wine on the beach.  But maybe that’s just me.


2. Have a general itinerary– but be flexible.

Just jumping into the car and aimlessly wondering sounds pretty romantic, but in practice, it’s kind of boring.  On the flip side, you don’t want to be overly ambitious and wear yourself out. Pick out 1 thing that you’d like to do each day, and just be spontaneous the rest of the time.

When I go on road trips with my best friend we have 2 rules:

A. Only eat at local places

B. Stop immediately if anything along the way looks interesting

Doing both of the above has lead to some pretty wacky (and memorable) experiences.


3. Remember where you stayed and what you enjoyed most.

Last year, the BFF5everrrr and I decided to spend one of our days at this cute lil beach.  We ended up loving it so much that we went back this year for an entire weekend.

It also helps to remember where you stayed, and how much it cost.  That way you can return to the places that were clean and reasonable, and skip the places that were questionable.


4. Take pictures. Bring friends. DO NOT, under any circumstances, forget the bug spray and sunscreen.  (This one’s for free!)

Happy road tripping,


july goals

It’s July already.  How did that happen? I feel like I was just taking my finals last week.  Holy crap.

Whenever I thought about summer break during the school year, it sounded like an unbelievably vast amount of free time.  “I’m going to be so productive, I thought to myself, I’m going to hike the Appalachian trail, become fluent in Spanish, and do my laundry”.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Therefore, I’m going to publicly shame myself into being productive, by posting the list below.  Humiliation!  Yay!

1) Get in shape for Pete’s sake

I have been hugely lazy this summer.  Sort of.  I sometimes manage to get myself to the gym once or twice a week, but I really need to get my butt in gear.  Going back to taking technique classes and having daily rehearsals will not go well if I don’t build my endurance back up.  (Side note: who the heck is Pete?)

2) Read more

I mean, I have been reading.  But 98.7% has been nonfiction…  I need to expose my brain to some novels, before I become a swirling black hole of facts, completely devoid of Soul and Personality.

3) Do a lil traveling

Recently, my brother and I bought backpacking equipment.  We’ve been meaning to go on a couple of weekend trips, but the moment we have time– BOOM, rain.  As in apocalyptic, globby, Noah-and-the-Ark rain. (Yuck).   My bestfriend and I have also thrown around the idea of going on vacation together, but we have yet to solidify any actual plans.

4) Explore downtown

I only have one month left of this internship, and I haven’t gone downtown since May.  Which is really sad, considering how many unique restaurants and shops are located near the company.  Luckily, I have a coworker who feels similarly– we’re both going to vow to go out once a week, until our last day.

5) Become proficient at eyeshadow

Because there is a fine line between looking dead, and looking like a clown– and that is one line that I have (unintentionally) crossed many times.

Finger crossed for a productive month!